01 Background

Kings of Kobe, an NYC fast-casual restaurant in Hell’s Kitchen serving up Kobe-style beef burgers, partnered with the WIMZE Digital social media team to launch their social channels and create/execute a strategy for continued growth on Facebook and Instagram. Kings of Kobe hoped to built brand awareness for their newly-opened restaurant, attract big-name influencers in the foodie world, and build a steady following that leaned heavily on organic tactics, rather than paid advertising.

02 Strategy

WIMZE began by auditing similar brands across social media, taking particular note of creative styles that performed best. They also identified a list of the top 50 foodie influencers on Instagram in the New York City area, to be utilized for an influencer outreach campaign.

Armed with a strong creative team, WIMZE conducted four onsite, social media-specific photo shoots at Kings of Kobe, creating imagery that highlighted the brand’s aesthetic. Their aim was to create loud, mouthwatering, and even semi-sensual imagery that visually represented the tone of the brand.

Separately, WIMZE outlined an influencer outreach strategy with the goal of bringing the 50 top foodie influencers into Kings of Kobe three times. Studies show that if a customer visits a restaurant three times and has a flawless experience each time, the statistical likelihood of that person becoming a customer for life is over 70%. Unlike traditional influencer campaigns, where influencers are given strict posting guidelines and paid for their work, WIMZE chose to create a strategy that turned these influencers into brand advocates. Influencers were invited into the restaurant for a complimentary meal, and the onsite staff were fed clear instruction by the WIMZE team on how to invite them back for a second and third visit, with special touches complementing each experience to make it unforgettable.

In conjunction with their influencer marketing and creative efforts, WIMZE Digital created a strong and consistent social engagement plan, with the goal of making the Kings of Kobe social channels into a friendly space that invited two-way conversation between customers and the brand. WIMZE used internal softwares to track relevant conversations and insert the brand into the discussion  whenever possible.

03 Results


Percent Follow Growth on Instagram


Percent Growth on Facebook


Thousand Unique Engagements on Earned Instagram Content


Thousand Engagements with Owned Instagram Content

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