01 Background

Indie Beauty Expo (IBE) is a platform designed to recognize, showcase and celebrate independent beauty brands and to support the growth of the entrepreneurs behind them. The IBE platform includes Beauty Independent, the definitive content destination for beauty entrepreneurs, BeautyX Summit series focused on entrepreneurial learning and networking, and Retail Partnerships, such as ShopTheExpo.

IBE hired WIMZE Digital as their social media partner to increase overall brand awareness, promote Indie Beauty Expo LA 2018, and drive ticket sales to the 2018 LA event.

02 Strategy

WIMZE began with a comprehensive audit of Indie Beauty Expo’s brand aesthetic on their primary social platform, Instagram. Our social team noticed a discrepancy in that their Instagram feed did not accurately reflect their entrepreneurial mission and aesthetic. WIMZE’s creative team built out a series of audience personas, and coinciding visual representations of each, to attract key audiences to their feed. From there, our social team built content pillars and a coinciding comms architecture to guide our social efforts in terms of audience targeting and messaging. As a result, new visitors to IBE’s Instagram feed were met with an inspiring, thought-provoking, and empowering visual representation of their brand that spoke to them at various points in their entrepreneurial journey.

Taking stock of the resources at hand, WIMZE leveraged past and current Indie Beauty Expo exhibitors to implement a brand advocacy program that turned Indie Beauty Expo exhibitors into representatives for the brand. WIMZE worked with the IBE team to supply creative content and copy direction to 300 IBE-exhibiting brands across Instagram and led a series of synchronized outreach efforts that flooded their target audience with IBE-branded content. Brand advocates encouraged their followers to visit IBE’s Instagram feed and promoted the brand in a natural, organic way. Brand advocacy outreach ramped up in the weeks leading up to IBE’s LA expo, and our team instructed advocates to utilize the campaign hashtag #IBELA2018 to promote awareness of the event.

Leveraging major brands in the beauty space, WIMZE worked with IBE’s PR team to strategize, craft copy and curate creative for a series of Instagram giveaways to grow the brand’s following and encourage engagement on the platform. Barriers to entry for all giveaways included following IBE on Instagram and tagging friends in the comments. 24-hour deadlines created a sense of urgency, and giveaway partners promoted each campaign across their social channels.

Separately, WIMZE implemented a paid Facebook ads campaign that ran for a two-week period leading up to IBE LA 2018 with the goal of selling tickets to the SHOP INDIE event. Working from the audience personas WIMZE outlined, our advertising team segmented audiences and promoted creative that spoke to each audience’s specific needs. Ads sent users to various customized landing pages that were A/B tested to maximize sales.

03 Results


Percent Increase in Instagram Followers Over 3 Months


Percent Return on Facebook Ads Investment


Percent Conversion Rate on Ads Landing Pages


Pieces of User-Generated Content shared under #IBELA2018


Percent Increase in Post Engagement

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