01 Background

Honest Marijuana Co., a Colorado-based marijuana growery with a focus on organic and sustainable practices, enlisted the help of WIMZE digital social media management team to grow their fan base on Instagram over a six-month period. Their goal was to grow their following by 1,000 month-over-month.

02 Strategy

WIMZE began by creating content buckets that fed the brand’s message of organic, sustainable practices and a casual, cool vibe. They audited like-minded brands across social, and identified key content types that performed best among Honest Marijuana’s target audience.

From here, WIMZE Digital fed Honest Marijuana’s internal team direction on creative content, including photo and video content. WIMZE’s creative team supplemented owned content with content curated from influencers and like-minded brands in the space. Messaging was simple, short, and engaging, with a focus on education and thought-provoking questions.

Finally, WIMZE identified key hashtags and incorporated these into their social listening and engagement strategy. This strategy, which included active daily engagement with Honest Marijuana’s audience and potential audience, was a key component of follower growth.

03 Results


New Follower's Over Six Months


Pieces of Content Created or Curated

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