Shen beauty

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01 Background


Shen Beauty is Brooklyn’s first brick-and-mortar curated collection of independently-owned beauty brands, having launched in 2010 under owner Jessica Richards. Richards is renowned in the industry for her unmatched ability to curate indie beauty brands and products that work. She has been featured in publications like Harper’s Bazaar, Vanity Fair, Allure, and Goop.

In partnership with Indie Beauty Media Group during IBE NY 2018, Shen Beauty partnered with WIMZE Digital’s social team to build awareness around their participation at the NYC expo. The effort was two-fold, as post-expo, Shen Beauty curated an exclusive collection of expo-exhibiting brands to carry in their e-commerce store.


02 Strategy


With the unique knowledge of Indie Beauty Expo’s audience under their belt, WIMZE approached Shen Beauty’s social media with the IBE audience preferences in mind. Our strategy encompassed the 7-day period before, during, and just after the two-day expo, with a focus on strong organic Instagram content, an IBE-Shen Beauty giveaway partnership, and a live event Instagram Stories feature, set to live on Shen Beauty’s Story Highlights post-event.

Our content strategy aimed to capture each of the exclusive brands to be featured in Shen Beauty’s e-commerce store post-show. Our team greeted founders during the expo and filmed 30 second spots of each, to be featured on Shen Beauty’s IG Stories. Simultaneously, we announced a VIP bag giveaway on Shen Beauty’s Instagram feed, with a “follow” and “tag” barrier to entry.


03 Results

5 Percent Instagram Follower Growth (Over 7 Days)
12 Thousand Instagram Stories Views
99 Percent Increase In Engagement