Our Mission

With community at the core, our mission is to make the digital world a more functional and authentic space for brands and their audiences to connect, communicate and inspire each other.

What Does That Mean?

We’re glad you asked. With community at our core, that means that we put your customers first. We love kickass creative and impressive strategies, but we love building real relationships above all else. We aim to connect with your customers on a deeper level, getting to the core of what makes them interact with their favorite brands everyday. It’s about more than the products you sell, it’s the feeling your audience gets when they interact with you. It’s about building trust, and inspiring your customers every single day.

Meet Our Founders

Sydney Stein

Co-founder and Co-CEO

A creative at heart, Sydney Stein graduated with a dual degree in Journalism and Dance, and a certification in Technology, Arts & Media from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Upon graduating, she moved back to her hometown of New York City to join a boutique digital agency, where she acquired expertise in SEO and social media. During her time there, she gained a deep knowledge of the digital space and a vast understanding of the connection between social media and organic search. A lifelong learner, she furthered her knowledge with supplementary coursework at General Assembly. In 2016, she joined forces with Taylor Rohwedder to launch WIMZE.

Sydney is an avid music lover, volunteer at her local animal shelter, and high school mentor through iMentor’s NYC chapter.

Taylor Rohwedder

Co-founder and Co-CEO

A graduate of the University of Florida with a dual degree in English and Italian language, Taylor began her social media education in college, interning for her school’s local digital publication. She later moved to New York City to further pursue a career in digital marketing, gaining expertise in agency, freelance, in-house, and non-profit volunteer roles in the beauty, wellness, lifestyle, and mission-based spheres. Over 8 years, she has helped countless brands come to life online and connect with their audiences in meaningful ways. Her prolific experience in the digital space, passion for storytelling, and creatively inspiring mentors and peers led her to launch WIMZE Digital with Sydney Stein in 2016.

Taylor is a certified yoga instructor, high school mentor through iMentor’s NYC chapter, and continues to pursue language studies.

Our Story

At WIMZE Digital, we’re selective in the company we keep, and that includes our clients. We’re obsessive about storytelling and relationship building, and our work comes from a place of authenticity, excitement, and true belief in the brands we represent.

Founded by two women, Wimze Digital works with beauty, wellness, lifestyle, and mission-based brands that have a story to tell. We get to the heart of a brand’s ethos, cutting through the noise and creating a two-way communication funnel for them to inspire their audiences.

Unlike larger agencies, WIMZE Digital has built an internal structure that can adapt to the intricacies of growing businesses. Rather than working from rigid systems, we leave room for collaboration, experimentation, and growth.

Our Brand Constitution



We communicate as often as needed, and then some, with honesty, transparency, and tact. We’re fearless in our communication, and challenge ourselves to discuss difficult issues as soon as they arise. We value voicing our opinions, and accepting others’ with empathy and an open mind.


Show Up

We show up — for our team, our clients, and ourselves. Most importantly, we’re present both physically and mentally.


Good Company

We surround ourselves with positivity, knowledge and energy. We are incredibly selective in the company we keep.



Knowledge is our currency. We seek to mentor those who can learn from us, and we never let ego stand in the way of learning from those who have come before us.


Collective Autonomy

We empower each other to work through problems, make decisions, and kick ass for the good of the collective. We put our community first, and ourselves second, with the understanding that we’re working toward something bigger than ourselves.


Fearless Feedback

Constructive criticism is crucial to our process. We create space for honest feedback, without fear of repercussion, and we constantly strive for solution-based feedback.



Data informs our decisions, but our intuition drives them. We never discount the element of humanity.

WIMZE Digital Helping brands connect, communicate, and inspire.
WIMZE Digital provides full-suite digital marketing services to help businesses grow their audiences and interact authentically in the digital space.