We love empowering small and mid-sized businesses in NYC to make the most of the digital space.

WIMZE helps local businesses foster organic relationships and build their audience online.

WIMZĒ Digital, a full-suite digital marketing agency, was founded in 2016 by two women, with the goal of helping small local businesses grow in the digital space.

Our Story

WIMZE Digital has proven success across a variety of industries, proving our flexibility, adaptability, and expert knowledge of our craft. Unlike larger agencies, WIMZE Digital has built an internal structure that can adapt to the intricacies of small and mid-sized businesses. Rather than working from rigid systems, we leave room for collaboration, experimentation, and growth.

The founders of WIMZE Digital recognized the importance of relationship-building to bring awareness to small businesses online, but became frustrated by the lack of organic tools available to help them foster connections. So, they took matters into their own hands and created solutions that satisfy their hunger for authenticity as well as sales.

Ultimately, their goal for WIMZE is to make the digital world a more functional space for small and mid-sized local businesses and their customers to coexist, communicate and thrive. With real-world relationships at the core of business growth, WIMZE empowers small and mid-sized businesses to build their brands online.

Our Brand Constitution


Data informs our decisions, but our intuition drives them. We never discount the element of humanity.


We surround ourselves with positivity, knowledge and energy. We are incredibly selective in the company we keep.


We are fiercely transparent with our team and our customers.


We acknowledge and respect the trust our customers bestow upon us. We aim to build the same integrity between our customers and theirs.


We are always on our toes and enjoy healthy competition.


We take risks, we are constantly evolving and we aren’t afraid to be vulnerable.


We will disrupt the status quo whenever necessary.
WIMZE Digital Serving the NYC Real Estate Industry.
WIMZĒ Digital help real estate agents connect with their perfect customers in a more strategic, meaningful and effective way.